Faith-Passion.  Family-Perspective.  Future-Purpose. 
Welcome to Immanuel! We are thrilled to be here and serve our Lord and focus on Immanuel and the Memphis, TN area.  The words above have so much meaning to our children, our families and the relationship we have with our Lord.  Here at Immanuel these words are instilled and so important to us. We look forward to the opportunity for you to be part of our family.

Faith – Passion.
Your child’s faith in God is our number one priority. Our faculty and staff look forward to partnering with you to teach your children about Jesus and living a Christian life.  Passion is a strong feeling or emotion.  We are devoted each day to study the Bible, pray and learn about Jesus.  We value and commend you for taking that step for your children to be part of Immanuel.

Our student body is made up 35% of the Lutheran faith and 65% of other Christian churches.  Our faculty and staff respect and understand the views and traditions of various denominations.  At Immanuel we are blessed to have a diverse make up of families and always focus and keep Jesus Christ at the center of our instruction.

Parenting is not easy. I know- I have two children of my own. Today’s families face time pressures, work expectations, technological advances, media, and diverse world views. It takes a whole lot of energy, skill, patience, and prayer to be an effective parent. Our school can help your family. Our faculty and staff will welcome your child into a safe environment. Our teachers will pray for your child, listen to your child, and be there for you too, as we partner together to prepare children for the future. 

Every decision we make moves us in one direction or another.  Little steps add up.  All families have challenges, no matter what their makeup: traditional families, blended families, single moms/dads, grandparents, and extended family.  We embrace the opportunity for your child to enroll at Immanuel.  The Immanuel family, your family won’t keep score but rather care for each other and build together our relationship with Jesus. 

Future – Purpose.
I am sure you think, dream, plan, and prepare for your child’s future. Your child has unique gifts and abilities.  It is our joy as educators to develop those strengths while also teaching them all the skills necessary for a successful future. Our experienced faculty and staff care about the future of our students.  We all have purpose and worth.  Think about this…Jesus gave His life for you – your child.  You are worth so much.  Our purpose is to prepare and love your child so they become a disciple themselves.

Faith – Passion.            Family-Perspective.               Future – Purpose.
These words carry so much meaning and importance here at Immanuel. We would love to talk with you more about the educational and ministry opportunities available for your family.


Ed Mell, Principal 2019-2020 School Year

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