DRESS CODE 2018-2019
Since Parker Uniform has closed, ILS will now be using French Toast as our uniform supplier.  Our webstore is now open and you can order 24/7 using the link below.  Next school year 2018-19 will be a transition year and students may wear either Parker or French Toast Uniforms.  That will be the khaki pants or shorts and both color plaids.  The following school year 2019-20 will be French Toast uniforms only.  Also that year, the red shirts will be phased out and shirts will be navy and gray only.  If you have any questions, please call the office.

School uniforms must be purchased from:          
French Toast – Schoolbox
Online Only -- https://immanuel.itemorder.com/sale
 Short or long-sleeved pique shirts, red or navy with Immanuel Lutheran School monogram.
 Boys and Girls: Khaki slacks or shorts. 
 Kindergarten-First grade khaki pull-on shorts or pants.
 Girls: plaid skirt, culottes or jumpers.
 Optional: Navy sweatshirt with ILS monogram
                 Navy fleece jacket with ILS monogram
                 White short sleeve blouse may be worn with jumper or culottes.
  • Belt will be solid brown leather with no ornamentation.
  • Shoes WILL be athletic/tennis shoes. 
  • Socks or tights will be white or navy blue. Socks must be seen.
  • Jumper, skirt, culottes, and shorts hemlines should be knee-length
  • No hats, caps, or other headgear are allowed
  • Hair is to be neat and clean, kept out of the eyes, and not causing any distraction in the classroom
  • Boys' hair may not touch the collar of the shirt
  • No excessive jewelry or make-up may be worn
  • Boys may not wear earrings
  • Facial or body jewelry and tattoos are not permitted.
This list is not an all-inclusive list, but serves as a guideline for appropriate dress.  The school retains the right to make adjustments as needed during the school year.
Students are expected to dress neatly, modestly, appropriately, and to be clean and well groomed.  ILS students take pride in their appearance and present themselves as a God pleasing witness to others.

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